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Whether you are interested in creating a home defense plan, learning CPR, getting fit, becoming an NRA Certified Instructor or improving your accuracy with a firearm, we can help

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​​​​About Hot Brass

Although our training is open to anyone, our focus is on empowering women to build the confidence and skill to, safely and responsibly, defend themselves and their families.  We are glad to offer flexible scheduling, and one-on-one training, to meet the busy lifestyle demands of Our clients .                                               

The FIRST Steps Pistol  orientation, for example, is designed to be taught one-on-one.   This allows a first-time firearm owner to ask  questions, and have the instructor's undivided attention.   Any of our courses can be taught this way, and the participant will benefit from the one-on-one interaction. We can also break longer courses into 2 to 4 hour segments, for those who schedule private lessons.

All of our courses are designed and presented with an emphasis on SAFETY.

Lead Instructor, Andrea Cahill, is a Navy veteran, and Nationally Registered EMT.  She has worked across the country as a Paramedic, Firefighter & HazMat Technician.  She has experience working and living across the US, Mexico, and South America. She is an NRA Training Counselor, who also has the real-life experience of "Breaking Contact"  and escaping, from an attempted violent assault.