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NRA Refuse To Be A Victim-  This is a non-firearm course, originally designed by the women of NRA in response to requests for personal safety training.  Men and women of all ages will immediately be able to utilize what they learn. The class is taught by an NRA Certified Instructor and Regional Counselor, for any size group, either in our conference room, or offsite. 

Participants are empowered by the skills, attitude and awareness taught in the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar.

The course material can be customized for adults, college-age or even a high school group.  Topics include: Home Safety, Travel Safety, Cyber Safety, Workplace Safety and more.

This is not a physical self-defense workshop.  Students will leave class more aware of their surroundings, and with a better understanding how each of us can stop criminals from targeting us, when we Refuse to be A Victim.  

$25  with frequent special offers

$100 Instructor Development Workshop

Home Visitor Training-

This program is perfect for anyone whose job takes them into the community, and into client's homes. Recommended for:  Social Workers, Realtors, Home Health Aides, Intake Workers, Case Managers, Child Protective Services, Insurance Agents, and anyone who interacts with clients inside the client's home.

3 hours.  $50/participant or group rates for organizations available

Workplace Safety Planning

This program allows us to visit your workplace and guide you through the development and implementation of site-specific policies, and actual emergency response plans for episodes of violence onsite. We can assist you in planning the design of your work stations, to increase employee safety. We can design and facilitate training, and scenario-based drills for your employees, onsite.

Training only at $50/hour

Project based fees negotiated.

First Steps- Pistol Orientation-  Firearm Instruction Responsibility & Safety Training.  This 3-hour course is designed to be taught one-on-one, with an inexperienced pistol owner.  We can even accompany a student, shopping for that first-time hand gun purchase. The student will leave class completely familiarized with his or her new firearm, including gun safety, first shots, cleaning and maintenance, and ammunition selection and storage.   $30 

Range Safety Officer- Become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  Learn to give a range safety briefing, and maintain control of the firing line at your club or range.  $125

Chief Range Safety Officer  $200

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Training-  

This course will consist of both of classroom and live fire range time.  Students will gain comfort and confidence, as they are familiarized with the Basics of Pistol Shooting    $100

Instructor Level $250

8 Hour Ohio CCW-

designed to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.  As with all of our firearms classes, this course is taught by NRA Certified Instructors.  We can teach this class one-on-one, or to groups up to 20. Couples and individuals attending one-on-one also have the option of breaking the class into two 4-hour segments.  $100     
NRA Home Firearm Safety-  This is a 4-hour, non-shooting course, designed to teach the knowledge and skills, as well as explain the attitude, necessary for safe handling and storage of firearms in the home. Covers identifying & storing ammunition, identifying, unloading, cleaning and storing different types of firearms. A good program for families to attend together.  $15

Home Firearm Safety Instructor- $100

NRA Personal Protection In The Home-  This 8-hour course is intended to develop students' basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of firearms for protection of self and family, and provide information on the law-abiding citizens' right to self-defense.  Participants should have completed Basic Pistol Shooting, or FIRST Steps, or have evidence of shooting experience,  prior to attending PPIH.   $100

*Personal Protection in The Home Instructor $200

Hard Target - 3 hours. This ground-breaking program enables girls, age 13-18, to avoid danger by being fully aware of their surroundings.  They practice the use of effective wording to say what they mean, and shut-down unwelcome advances.  Girls also learn to recognize, and walk away from, potentially abusive tendencies in a friend, or partner.  In addition, they  master simple, proven maneuvers (from our Breaking Contact program) to escape a violent encounter.  
     Follow up Krav Maga on Wednesdays, 5-6pm, a defensive fitness program that allows students to practice what they have learned, and build on their skills, while remaining fit. 
 $25 for the 3-hour seminar or  $35 monthly for the follow-up.

Breaking Contact -  This on-going, non-firearm course can be classified as "Defensive Fitness."  The program is designed to teach women and girls specific tactics for avoiding or escaping potential assault situations, by "Breaking Contact" with an attacker.  This is a hands-on, physical self-defense class, as well as a cardiovascular, endurance, and strength building program.  Breaking Contact provides an overview of the Psychological Aspects of an Assault, Keeping Your Distance, and Skills for Breaking Contact.   $35/month- unlimited or $10 per session

CPR/AED & First Aid-   Call to schedule your individual or small group. Timing and price will vary depending on whether you want all 3 segments, and if you want Adult, Child and/or Infant.

Krav Maga

The self defense method of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Real World Self Defense
$35 monthly  

More Than A Sitter- This 3-day training will prepare teens to not only care for a child while babysitting, but also respond to emergencies with First Aid and CPR, as well as reacting to an unexpected caller, or violent confrontation. 

This program covers:

* Why Is That Kid Crying?

* Infant & Child CPR/First Aid/AED

* Ages and Stages

* Asking the Right Questions

* Situational Awareness

* Planning for If Something Goes Wrong

* Basic Self Defense

Seniors Krav Maga (ages 50+)

We not only cover some great great self-defense maneuvers, but also focus on balance, and fitness.  We incorporate weapons of opportunity, including cane.  

Only $5 per session